I got some enquiries from buyers lately about how to calculate the exposure timing for the different pinhole sizes on the camera.

To help all of you out there, I have created a table and a turnwheel for your easy reference & usage.

How do you use & read it?

1. First you take a meter reading for the subject that you are going to shoot.
2. With the metering, read off the appropriate f stop timing horizontally along the table. For the turn wheel, align the f stop & shutter speed by collapsing both wheel on top of each other, then read off the f stop reading accordingly.
3. For 0.2mm pinhole aperture, read off the timing for the equivalent under the f128 column for the exposure timing. For 0.3mm pinhole aperture, read off the f90 pinhole column for the exposure timing.

Please note that the table has been created for metering done at film speed of ISO100 with reciprocity failure taken into considerations in the timing. So, you can use the recommended timing for exposure that you read off from the table directly.

I will use an example to illustrate:

If the metering reading you have taken shows at ISO100, to be f8, 1/125seconds. Read off the equivalent horizontally will give a recommended exposure timing of 1 second at f90 (0.3mm pinhole size) & 2 seconds for (0.2mm pinhole size).

Exposure Dial



One of our community member, Danny Kalkhoven from the Netherlands is running his photo exhibition of images taken with the Mb pinhole camera.

Danny would like to share the details of the exhibition are as follows:

I have some great news to share: the whole month of May I will exhibit a show of pinhole pictures in Utrecht / the Netherlands.
It will be a display of my “B/B series”, which are made with the fabulous 8Banners ‘Mb’

Exact info: the exhibition is at trainstation Utrecht-Overvecht, open daily from 1PM to 6PM,

see also (dutch site) http://www.overvechtcentraal.nl

Some of Danny’s images are as follows:

For more information about Danny, you may like to go to the url below on his earlier post.


Helix Bridge

Images taken at Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge on Fujifilm Velvia.

Took some images of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore using the Mb (6×12) format pinhole camera. Film used is Fujifilm Velvia 50 with average exposure time of 16 seconds.





I received more impressive images from users of the 8banners pinhole cameras worldwide. They have used their tools to create highly impressive images & visualisation.

Here’s one of the artiste from Canada, Alois Lazecky who bought a 6×18 Dragon 2 camera a month ago have been shooting happily on the new toy. Here are some of his works & a short bios about himself:


I have been enjoying photography ever since I was about 15 years old beginning in my old country Czech republic. Shortly after my family and I have decided to find better place for living and moved to Canada where I’m still to this day. I have used pretty well most of film formats from 35 mm to 8×10″ and now digital. As nice as digital equipment is, I still like to use film cameras and better yet and what I’m having fun with is your Dragon2r pinhole camera. Most of my photographs are landscapes, city panoramas and still life.

Email me :  blazecky@sympatico.ca

Hull, Quebec, Canada.

Chateau Laurier, Canada

Both photos are shot with the following specs:

Ilford Pan F ( 50 ASA ),Pinhole 0.3mm diameter , time 6 sec. Some sharpening and Photoshop alterations.

Hi all,

Would like to share more works from Gordon from Germany, who recently send me new images that he made using the 8banners camera.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to showcase & curate the works of  Gordon Adler from Germany with his images shot on the 6×18 Dragon 2 pinhole camera.

A little bios of Gordon….

Gordon Adler

industrial designer & photographer

born 1979. Live in east germany near berlin

I like smart women and european motorcycles. After highschool studied industrial and interface design. built up several design studios and agencies my last work is www.lintje.de

came from the digital to the analogue photography and collect all types of old cameras which I all use. (at the moment i have around 30 types)

worked some year as an high school lecturer in design. made some smaller photo exhibitions in our local area. in 2009 made a 3 week expedition in the arctic. Proud to be father of an 3year old son called “linus”

Dipl.Designer (FH) Gordon Adler



Works of Gordon Adler with the 6×18 pano pinhole camera:

For details of images, please write directly to Gordon at his email above.